Single shot Medium to long range.
This is a personal favourite.

The G3 is a single shot rifle that you unlock at level 25 which initially feels rather bland, that is until you understand how to use it. It has the lowest recoil of nearly any gun and is more importantly one of the most accurate guns in the entire game. With practice it is possible to fire off 4 shot bursts and you are able to use this rifle in a similar way to the M16.

You are able to fire burst shots across moving targets consistantly but unlike the M16 are able to rattle off enough shots to stand a decent chance when rushed. It has a decent clip size and you can take out multiple targets without too much worry of running dry. The G3 rifle is unique in the fact that the suppresor transforms it. The silencer reduces the G3’s already minimal recoil to almost zero. This enable you to fire off 3-4 shot bursts in extreamly tight groupings.

This weapon setup becomes the perfect counter-sniper or sniper hunter package especially as your are invisible to the sniper as well. You are able to take on enemy snipers at range and consistantly get the kill thanks to the accuracy and effective high rate of “on-target” shots you can fire. Using the single shots ability to “test fire” at a concealed sniper until the cross hairs indicate a hit then rattle off 4 shot bursts will invariably take your target unaware. This technique works particulary well with the G3 and “test firing” along a known camping spot or following a target behind cover really piles on the pressure and you dont waste too much ammo. You can either cover known sniper points or take out a problematic sniper by quickly poping out from cover whilst he is waiting for you to appear on his radar.

It is possibly by priming the trigger or keeping it half pressed to consistantly achieve a 4 shot burst which will easily take down most targets, only juggernauts or cover targets require a second burst. It takes practice but once this skill is mastered the G3 becomes a more versatile and rewarding gun that the M16.

The G3 is most at home in open space or covering large areas and multiple entry points, the G3’s accuracy will be a pain to out shoot or avoid. Coupled with your invisibilty on the map you will find many targets do not return fire at you as they are unaware of you position and will instead either carry on on their intended path or stop and try and find you, presenting a nice sitting duck target!

You can also act as a mobile sniper yourself which works very well indeed. The Silencer shows a reduction on your range on the class screen, however this is misleading as you can take down a target which is barely visible through your sights. I have downed enemy snipers on the other side of the map which I know are a long range shot for a sniper. You just “test fire” until the crosshairs flash up then rattle off a burst to finish him off which is very rewarding.

You are able to properly camp down as the enemy will only see you on the map if they have a UAV, otherwise you can just sit and wait for targets to present themselves to you. You can however work as a lone wolf and split from your team mates and take the opposite route to them round the map. This will result in a flanking manouver which should catch the enemy unaware.

With the silencer you will be able to pick off targets from the side or rear one by one and they will not realise your position. I have done this countless times and found the enemy pinned down by my team mates behind cover with there backs to me. You can take out three to four targets at your own leisure before they realise where you are and by that time its too late. I would recomend keeping your distance and picking your targets off in your own terms and avoiding the potential firepower advantage of an enemy up close.

Useful Perks
Slot 1 – Bandolier, Claymores, Special Grenades, Frags
Slot 2 – Stopping Power
Slot 3 – Deep Impact

Useful Attachments
Red Dot Sight, Silencer