Barrett .50cal

Barrett .50cal

Semi automatic long range sniper rifle.

This is the Daddy.

Based on the real life 50 calibre sniper rifle, this is one of the most powerful rifles in the COD 4 game. Single shot takedowns are the norm with just a body shot, sometimes even with juggernauts. It is accurate and the scope is easy to use even with some predictable movement.

The shot penetration really is the killing blow of this rifle. Unlike other rifles where you thread a bullet for a head shot, with the Barrett you simply work out where the target is behind the cover and blast through it. It has the highest penetration of any gun in the game and this should be utilised whenever you can.

You are able to take out enemy snipers through cover as well as drop even running targets consistantly, just learn to lead ahead of your target. As you are almost garenteed single shot take downs you can dominate against even multiple enemy snipers, quickly dispatching each one in turn. The rifle does have some serious kick though and multiple shots cannot just be rattled off.

The ACOG sight is a very useful and effective attachment for this rifle for several reasons. The single shot take down avoids having to fire a volleys of multiple shots and allows quick targeting and dispensing of targets. Secondly, well the same quality used differently, when fighting in close quarters, with steady aim you can blast off rounds and stand a good chance against even a sub machine gunner.

Finally it does sound like a cannon and people know that distinctive sound and will either avoid you or come “a sniper huntin”, so be aware.