The AK47. Short, medium to long range fully automatic assault rifle.

This is another favourite of mine that I only discovered going through second time around. Initially it seems crude and and brutal and quite unlike the precision rifles that I have become used to. BUT it is its brutality and simplicity that can be used so effectively. When using some of the other rifles I found myself being over run or unable to brake through a defended position. With the Ak’s brute firepower you can smash your way into and out of pretty much any situation you find yourself in. It has the stopping power to dispatch multiple targets quickly and effectively. Up close it has the rate of fire and killing blow to clear a room whilst at the same time have the accuracy to take down targets in a mid range fire fight. It can also hassle long range targets with single or double burst shots although not as consistantly as say the M16 or G3. This is a really versatile gun that can be used in almost any situation. This is highlighted by the fact that i find myself reaching for this rifle if I am struggling against an enemy assault.

The Ak has an accurate 2-3 shot burst that will take down an enemy time and time again, if you wish however you can open it up and either saturate an enemy position or totally deny a route. The Ak has got quite a kick though but it is manageable and quite predictable. I find myself using short bursts and have even mastered the recoil by aiming for the stomach firing a burst and have the final shot ping a headshot. Mid range fire fighting I think this is one of the most powerful rifles, as it can adapt to the changing situation so well. Dispensing with rushing targets, engaging your target at mid range and picking them off with accurate burst fire or chasing them as they retreat.

The mix of accurate burst fire and the the high rate of fire really make this a formidable weapon. The thing find myself doing with this gun is taking the fight to the enemy. With its ability to drop a target with as little as one or two rounds, you can lay down a withering amount of deadly firepower and rush or over run targets.

The iron sights are I feel very good and allow a clear view of the target as well as its surroundings, which is useful considering the multiple targets that will be presented to you. Some people opt for the red do sight to really utalise the accuracy of the gun but I feel that the Grenade launcher or “noobtube” is the perfect partner to this rifle. With it you can become an unstoppable force. You can punch your way into held positions then granade the enemy as they are pushed back, bunch up and confined scoring multiple kills. Or you can use the granade launcher to clear a path then rush in and defend your newly aquired position. With this setup you can become almost unstopable and I have found myself running around in the open Rambo style, taking on anything that was stupid enough to show its face and with the combo of granades and ak fire usually winning. If used more precisely this rifle can be used to both storm and then hold positions in the thick of it and repel attack after attack of enemy assault. Although I usually end up actively hunting targets and either using the noob tube to soften up a target or, when I can, to aggressivly attack forcing the enemy to fall back then grenade the bunched enemy resulting in multiple kills.

I have seen the Ak fitted with the silencer more and more, which gives the stealth option a real opportunity as it is powerful enough to be able to use UAV jammer instead of stopping power to go totally off radar!

Although this style of play is very effective I prefer to use the Ak as it was designed to be used up front and in your face. It has changed my style of play and I find myself playing very aggresively pushing the enemy onto the retreat time and time again disorientating them and not enabling them to hunker down and fight back. It really is THE storm or shock attack rifle.

Useful Perks
Slot 1 – Bandolier, Special Grenades, Frags
Slot 2 – Stopping Power, Double Tap
Slot 3 – Deep Impact, Steady Aim

Useful Attachments
Red Dot Sight, Silencer, Grenade Launcher