Rocket Propelled Grenade

Rocket propelled grenade (RPG)

The rocket propelled grenade perk gives you two rockets in addition to your standard weapons choice. They can be used in several different ways in the multiplayer game. Firstly they are one of the quickest ways to take out the cursed enemy chopper, just wait for it to hover to get a clear shot.
They can also be used against enemy targets which can be useful, especially if you have a short range weapon such as a shotgun. The RPG can be used if you are being engaged by a target out of your range or to hassle snipers. This last option can be used to good effect, especially if enemy snipers are camping together as you can just fire into bulidings and get multiple kills. The other option is to use the RPG offensively and utalise its instant kill capability by getting a direct hit. It will not detonate if used at very short range but will still instant kill a target if struck directly.

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