Double Tap

Double Tap

Double tap is a military term for pulling the trigger twice at a target each time to double the chance of taking ot down. In COD4 it doubles your rate of fire, which can result in some interesting and sometimes leathal results.

Used with low rate of fire but high power weapons such as the MP44 or LMG’s you end up with an extremly powerful gun capable of laying down torrential amounts of heavy fire. Used with guns like the P90, things start to get a bit silly! It increases this guns already high rate of fire to a ridiculous level throwing out lead like you would not believe.

It is also interesting as an alternative for stopping power, as stopping power increases the bullet damage by a percentage. Double tap, if you can get the bullets on target, can potentially double your stopping power, or increase it by 100%.

It works well with some guns better than others so have a play around and see what feels most suited to you (Although make sure you try it with the AK)!

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